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Welcome to Paradise

Top 10 Reasons to Visit San Juan
1) Puerto Rico is the planet earth's "sweet spot".  Our climate never varies from between 75-93 f. at the extremes.  We have no deadly serpents or animals, our waters are safe for swimming, and our lush rain forests and farmlands are unforgettable.

2) The Tourist Zone in San Juan has very little if any crime.  While serious crime sometimes occurs outside of the tourist zone in certain ghettos and distress rural regions, crime of any sort (including petty theft) is relatively rare in the Tourist Zone.

3) The choices of activities are endless.  Swimming, scuba, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, mountain climbing, hiking, white-water rafting, spelunking, zip-lining, name only a few.  Our climate makes outdoor fun a way of life for many residents.

4) Did you know that Puerto Rico hosts one of the world's premier music festivals each year in February and March? The Pablo Casals Festival attracts luminaries from La Scala to Tel Aviv, London to Budapest and plays host to the world's greatest composers, pianists, violinists, organists and operatic voices?

5) With over 500 years of history, your imagination can roam freely.  Our history is marked by pirates, bucaneers, Spanish Galleons, and Spanish nobility.  Visitors get to experience World War II fortifications that have remain unchanged since 1945 and see forts that were constructed when Manhattan was still a marshy native-americn village.  Our taino heritage lives today, imbued with influences from Africa, Europe, and the middle-east.

6) English is spoken throughout the tourist zone.  You will never need a translator.

7) We are American citizens.  No Passport Required for U.S. citizens.  We fall under the jurisdiction of the First Federal Circuit Court in Boston and are subject to U.S. Federal laws relating to health and safety and civil rights.

8) Our nightlife is legendary.  Music and dance are Puerto Rico's primary export.  It's Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve every weekend in San Juan.

9) Puerto Rico's shopping experience is incomparable.  We have Latin America's second largest indoor mall and the Caribbean's most exclusive shopping zone.  Puerto Rico has nearly every major retailer available in the United States, from Home Depot to Marshalls, Footlocker to Kmart.  We have hundreds of small craft stores artists, galleries, and craftsmen.

10) Puerto Rico has it all:  nightlife, entertainment, cultural activities, sports, shopping, resort amenities, music and dance, fine dining, fine art  No other place on earth has such a range of offerings;  and it's all located here, on a beautiful island in middle of the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Get To Know The Tourist Zone


San Juan is a large metropolitan area located in the center of the Caribbean.  Almost all arriving tourists will be will stay in either Old San Juan, Condado, Ocean Park or Isla Verde ( the "Tourist Zone").

To the far west of the Tourist Zone is Old San Juan, site of the original encampment and forts.  The Old City sits high on a hill at the western end of a peninsula which extends eastward through an area called Puerto De La Tierrato reach Condado. 

Condado continues from a rocky peninsula on its western edge eastward to approximately Calle Parque and southward to Boldoiarty Expressway.

Ocean Park begins at about Calle Parque and continues eastward to Punta Las Marias, a rocky outcropping that juts northward into the sea. 

South of Calle McCleary, Ocean Park technically becomes part of Santurce that extends southward to Boldoriarty Expressway and eastward to Punta Las Marias.

South of Boldoriarty is Miramar on the western edge just below Condado.  It is an upscale neighborhood often overlooked by Tourists. 

Also on on the south side of Boldoriarty is the remainder of Santurce.  Santurce continues eastward to Carolina, a neighboring town.

Isla Verde is on the northern shoreline of Carolina.  Just past Punta Las Marias the beaches turn from rocky outcroppings to the gentle Caribbean beach fronts for which Isla Verde is known.  Isla Verde is shaped as a half moon, from Punta Las Marias on the left shore to another rocky outcropping and then a beach area which lie parallel to the Munoz Airport.

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