Watersports in San Juan

San Juan is a very active city. Tourists love gawking at the beach bodies strolling Condado's Ashford Avenue, and in Isla Verde the beaches attract the creme de la creme of Puerto Rico's fabulous set.
 Puerto Ricans are constantly inventing ways to keep in shape while having fun. Read More

Where do I rent a....?

Almost all rentals are listed on the map below. Just click the bar on the right and information will appear on the map. Sometimes, however, small business owners don't keep websites or storefronts. There are a handful of vendors who rent to tourists directly on the beach. In Condado, at the end of Condado Ave (at the ocean's edge), you will find one or two surf board rentals. You will also find a surfboard rental in the beach area in front of La Concha. Read More

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Why La Bochinchosa Doesn't List Jet Ski Rentals

Jet skis are nothing more than motorcyles on water. Unfortunately, very few people know how to operate a jet ski properly. The absence of regulations governing jet ski usage has led to hundreds of injuries and deaths in recent years. Read More

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