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Emergency Pet Hospital

by Eric Marion

There are cat people and there are dog people. I’m a little of both but a lot of the first. Three cats, one parent. My big baby was born in 2000. I adopted  him from a shelter in Boston. I was perusing the cages wistfully imagining myself as a cat owner when I came upon a cage blocked by a huge cardboard sign reading “DANGROUS. DO NOT TOUCH THIS CAT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!”  Read More




Chocolate Covered Dreams

by Eric Marion


210 Calle San Francisco is San Juan's biggest and best kept new secret. The Old City's only private art collection is housed in a new museum facility owned and operated by Puerto Rico's legendary Cortes family.

A bit of history is in order. The Brothers Cortes started producing Chocolate confectionaries 97 years ago when the Caribbean Basin was still very much agrarian. The Company grew and prospered, and was handed down through three generations to the current owner, Ignacio Cortes. Cortes Chocolates are well-known in Puerto Rican, in no small part due to the advent of television. Read More




Dark Roasted Bliss

by Eric Marion

A Monster lives at 150 San Justo, just north of Calle San Francisco in the Old City in a shop called "Express".  He's a gentle giant, but he makes a mean coffee.

The "Monster" is a fifteen foot tall fire-engine red coffee roasting and grinding machine (he has other talents as well, I didn't inqure since he was rather imposing). Read More



Fortaleza Antiques

By Eric Marion

“Antiquing” is a time-honored tradition among shoppers of a certain sort. Searching for that perfect curio (and finding a delightful tsotchke along the way) is one of life’s simple pleasures for many folks. In San Juan, there are a handful of hidden antique stores. None are as “hidden” or as well-stocked as Fortaleza Antiques. Tucked behind a non-descript reja (ornate grill-work) on Calle San Jose, passerbys will miss the store unless they are specifically seeking it out. Word-of-mouth has obviously worked well for Fortaleza Antiques; in business for 29 years, the shop has no signage or advertising. Read More



Kosher Popcorn

by Eric Marion

Jewish visitors to San Juan will find a vibrant and welcoming community with resources to provide for any exigency. Rabbi Levi Stein of the Puerto Rico Chabad has energetically applied himself to providing resources for visitors and residents alike. Rabbi Stein coordinates his activities from a small store in San Juan’s Old City at 263 Fortaleza. Read More


La Chola Peruvian Cuisine

by Eric Marion


As a vegetarian, I am very often challenged with Puerto Rican dining and in general with most Latin American Restaurants. Chefs will spend hours preparing animal meat to taste, but vegetables and fruits are too often deemed "secondary" elements to the main course. Thus, most of my restaurant experiences are tales of stale parsely, wilted lettuce, and second-class dining experiences. Read More




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