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Ocean Park is a quiet residential area tucked between Condado and Punta Las Marias. Ocean Park technically is defined by the ocean on the north and Calle McCleary on the south.

Street Layout

Ocean Park has two main thoroughfares which run parallel east-west: Calle Loiza and Calle McCleary. Loiza is a busy, congested two way street lined with dozens of commercial spaces. McCleary is less developed but has a few health and sports-related stores.


Much of Ocean Park is gated, but passages to the beach can be found on Calles Yardley and Santa Ana. Security will stop traffic attempting to pass through the Santa Ana gate, it is best to park and walk into Ocean Park. The beaches are technically public, but in recent years residents have cordoned off easy access to the beaches after 7 p.m. To access the beach after 7, use Yardley or Atlantic. Ocean Park tides are much calmer than in adjacent Condado, making them a favorite for families with children. Ocean Park attracts more locals than Condado, both from within the gated communities of Ocean Park and from Santurce.

As with most beaches in Puerto Rico, drinking is permitted on the beaches in San Juan and vendors will often walk the beaches selling water and beer. Local will bring coolers to the beach.

Shopping and Restaurants

The main thoroughfares are Calle McCleary and Calle Loiza. Calle Loiza Toward the western edge between Calle del Parque and Calle de Diego, upscale bars, restaurants and boutiques dominate. Towards the east, thrift stores including a 99 Cent Store and local discount favorite Topeka can found on Calle Loiza. Street fruit and vegetable vendors are common off the side streets. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Church’s Chicken, Footlocker, and gas stations such as Shell are found along Calle Loiza. There is also a 24-hour Walgreens on Calle Loiza at Calle Santa Cecilia. The area is also quite safe, despite appearances. There are very few north-americans in the area. If you want to experience “true” Puerto Rico without leaving the tourist zone, take a stroll down Calle Loiza.

The Mayor of San Juan has recently announced an urbanization plan to convert Calle Loiza to a "downtown Condado" in response to the proliferation of bistros, restaurants, galleries, and shops that have recently popped up in the area.

Calle McCleary has a few bistros and restaurants, surf shops and athletic stores. There is a laundromat at the corner of Maria Mosco and McCleary. Calle McCleary is much more residential and tree-lined. While Calle Loiza is definitely Spanish in flare, Calle McCLeary is heavily “Americanized” and upscale.


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