La Princesa Old San Juan

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Paseo de la Princesa is a cordoned street at the southern wall of Old San Juan's western end.  The street is filled with vendors and street fare on weekends.  But shopping on La Princesa is only half the story.

If you continue west to the end of La Princesa, an ancient walkway will take you about a half mile to El Morro.  The walkway is probably San Juan's most breathtaking stroll.  On the ocean side you will sea sun-kissed beaches of neighboring Isla de Cabras and witness cruise ships majestically entering the Port of San Juan.  On the walled side you will see the towering fortifications that once protected San Juan.  Along the way, you will find rest areas with ancient trees offering shade.


The famed San Juan gate is halfway along the path.  Tradition has it that you should walk through the gate alone and make one wish. Continue to the north past La Rogative, or you re-enter San Juan along Calle San Francisco.  The section of Calle San Franciso beginning at the San Juan gate and continuing to El Convento could easily be considered San Juan's most scenic street.

If you proceed to La Rogativa and continue towards El Morro, you will pass below the entrance to Casablanca, one of San Juan's oldest and most historic residences.

Upon arriving at the end of the path you will have to climb a rather imposing hill to reach the windswept fortifications of San Juan's famed fortress, El Morro.


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