Condado Nightlife

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Condado is known for its nightlife. There are dozens of bars, restaurant bars, and nightclubs in the area. The variety reflects San Juan's diversity. The hot bars along Ashford Avenue attract well-dressed locals, tourists, and Caribbean travelers who hop across the pond for a weekend in San Juan. The city's gay bars are located along Vendig Street and Calle Condado.

Most of the restaurants have bars which remain open until the wee hours. Some restaurants actually convert into full nightclubs, and other restaurants have closed areas or roofdecks which open up after dark.

The entire length of Ashford is packed with nightlife opportunities. Generally, most visitors will congregate in the area along Ashford between the interestions at both ends of Magdelena (Magdelena departes from Ashford at Presby Hospital and then rejoins it a few blocks down in front of La Concha). La Bochinchosa has a map to assist with navigating Condado.

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