Art, Entertainment, Events, Maps, and Guide to San Juan Puerto Rico

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Mission Statement

La Bochincosa is an online guide to the Art, Entertainment, Shopping and Attractions of San Juan.  La Bochinchosa is San Juan’s guide to the Tourist Zone. La Bochinchosa presents information of interest regarding venues outside of the Tourist Zone if it is deemed to be of interest to the La Bochinchosa audience.

La Bochinchosa is an English-language publication intended for Tourists and English fluent residents of San Juan.

La Bochinchosa’s mission is to document the Art, Entertainment, Shopping, and Attractions offerings of Metropolitan San Juan, to translate that documentation into an easy-to-navigate and understandable format, and to provide the results in an aesthetically pleasing online site.

La Bochinchosa aspires to uphold the highest ethical standards of journalism.  Reviews and listings are independent of any financial consideration.  La Bochinchosa declines to write positive reviews or showcase articles based upon ties with its advertising partners.  In cases where La Bochinchosa presents reviews or articles of businesses that coincide with advertising partners, La Bochinchosa has conducted an independent analysis of the product or service at issue.

La Bochinchosa is committed to accuracy.  That information on this site wil be updated as frequently as time and resources permit. 

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