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garitaCastillo San Cristobal is the sister fort of El Morro.  Begun in 1634 and completed in 1790, the fort offers unparalleled views of the Caribbean and San Juan.  It’s famed round round and triangle stairs delight thousands of tourists each year.  The cannons are fired daily by fully dressed colonial Spanish soldiers.  The interior of San Cristobal contains a plaza and quarters which once housed the fort’s inhabitants.

One of the “garitas” (domed sentry guard station that juts out from San Cristobal’s walls) has a local legend behind it.  According to tradition, a Spanish solder fell in love with a mixed-race local maiden named Dina.  The soldier was assigned to sentry duty in a certain garita late one night.  Because of Dina’s mixed-race heritage, any love between the two was forbidden.  The soldier, Sanchez, ‘mysteriously’ disappeared in the wee hours one morning, leaving behind only his gun and uniform.  Similarly, Dina disappeared from her home on the same night.stairs

Unable to believe that a soldier would ever desert his post, locals invented the legend of the La Garita del Diablo.  According to locals, it was Lucifer, not love, which called Sanchez away in the middle of the night never to be seen or heard from again.  




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