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HOME | Comprehensive Guide To San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Why Vacation in Puerto Rico?

You have a choice of vacation destinations. Puerto Rico (specifically San Juan) offers things you can find no where else on earth. Start with the fact that you don't need a passport. Or that, as part of the United States, you are protected by the same laws and health/sanitary regulations applied to your own home state. Read More


Upcoming Events

Tue Oct 21 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Tue Oct 21 @ 7:15PM -
Live cabaret at Carli's
Tue Oct 21 @ 8:00PM -
Toro Salao live Music
Wed Oct 22 @ 8:00AM -
El Comborican
Wed Oct 22 @ 7:15PM -
Live cabaret at Carli's
Thu Oct 23 @ 7:15PM -
Live cabaret at Carli's
Thu Oct 23 @ 8:00PM -
Toro Salao live Music
Thu Oct 23 @11:00PM - 01:00AM
Afinque o los Renuentes
Fri Oct 24 @ 8:00AM - 06:00PM
Plaza de Las Armas Art Fair
Fri Oct 24 @ 7:15PM -
Live cabaret at Carli's
Fri Oct 24 @ 8:00PM - 09:00PM
Flamenco Dancing
Fri Oct 24 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Live music at La Placita
Fri Oct 24 @ 8:00PM -
Live Salsa and Jazz by Ostra Cosa
Fri Oct 24 @11:00PM -
El Comborican
Sat Oct 25 @ 8:00AM - 06:00PM
Plaza de Las Armas Art Fair
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 Drugs and Medication

There are numerous Walgreen's in the Tourist Zone.  The Walgreens on Calle Loiza, just off Santa Cecilia, is open 24 hours.  There is a Walgreen's in Isla Verde on the main strip near the highway entrace.  Walgreen's locations can be found on the SAFETY tab at the far left of this page. There is a 24 hour Walgreen's on Calle Loiza, near the entrance to Ocean Park at Calle Santa Cecilia.


There are numerous hospitals and clinics in San Juan.  However, most locals prefer the Presbyterian Hospital, located at the corner of Magdelena and Ashford.  This is San Juan's premiere hospital with emergency care.  Your health insurance will probably be accepted.  (787) 721-2160

Information Booths

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company has a storefront information center in Old San Juan (also on the Sun Map).  The Center is located on the bay near the cruise ships at the far western edge of Marina Street.

24 Hour Emergency Pet Hospital

270-A Avenida Pinero, Rio Piedras
(787) 7513737
(787) 7584624



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Travelling Safely

San Juan, Puerto Rico's Exclusive and Safe Neighborhoods (In Blue)
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Where is Puerto Rico?


Guide to Old San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde. Event listings, bus map, car and bike rentals, restaurant and shopping reviews, nightclub listings, safety tips, attractions guide, cruise ship schedule, wifi hotspots, theaters, bars.

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